Priorities USA


I worked with Democratic super PAC Priorities USA for a few months leading up to the 2018 midterm election. I was the design lead for the Southeastern United States, which entailed creating quick style guides for each new campaign Priorities launched, and overseeing the work of Junior designers and the video team to make sure everything was cohesively on-brand. Priorities gave me the chance to work with a large design team, and with support in the form of project managers, content and research teams.

Design in the political sphere is a unique challenge because for campaigns and advocacy groups, time is short and budgets are tight, and design simply isn't a priority. This work takes a lot of agility, a lot of improvisation, and a lot of advocating for design as a vital component of any digital strategy. I've become a certified expert at making cheap fonts look expensive, finding free, legal photography, and making last minute edits on the bus ride home (and the whole evening, and the bus ride into the office the next morning). What's even harder is figuring out how to still be an effective designer given these incredibly tight restrictions, something I struggled with at first, but quickly came to see as an exciting challenge.